What are the components of a rental agreement?

A rental agreement should make sure that the following components are always included:

  1. The details of the landlord and the tenant including the name, address and contact details.
  2. The full postal address of the property and its dimensions.  
  3. How long the rental agreement is valid for – the duration of the tenancy?
  4. What is the rent per month to be paid by the tenant to the landlord and by what date every month? 
  5. What is the security deposit to be paid by the tenant?
  6. What are the Dos and the Donts in the property/community?
  7. What are the inclusions/exclusions as a part of the rent? For example, who pays for  the maintenance charges, who pays for the electricity/water bills etc.
  8. What are the fixtures that are included as a part of the premises?
  9. How much would the rent appreciate once the initial period of agreement is done and the agreement needs to be renewed?