What do I do if my landlord is not returning my rental security deposit?

Here are the steps that you should take if your landlord refuses to return your security deposit: Talk to the landlord and tell him/her that you find the withholding of the deposit totally unreasonable. Ask for justification from the landlord. Try to convince the landlord about returning the deposit. If speaking to the landlord does not work, send a formal email to the landlord about how you feel about not receiving the deposit, the reasons […]

Why do landlords in Bangalore demand 10 months rent in advance?

While the common perception is that landlords in Bangalore demand 10 months rent as advance or security deposit, it is seen that most of the landlords are open to negotiating this aspect. They are willing to settle for a lesser amount as advance or security deposit if the tenant is able to convince the landlord of his ability to maintain the premises appropriately, pay the rent punctually etc. As a wannabe tenant, it never hurts […]