Capture issues with your rental home before you move in

Don’t be blamed for pre-existing issues in your rental home. Capture them via the Rental InspeKtor app and make sure you get back what is due to you! Protect your security deposit.

Why Rental InspeKtor?

Here are just a few of the pre-existing defects that exist in a rental home. If these are not captured and pointed out, there is a high chance of them being blamed on the tenant and thereby a reduction of the rental deposit.

The Rental InspeKtor app will make sure that you are not blamed for issues that weren’t caused by you. Here are some statistics to support the need for the Rental InspeKtor app.
1 %

of tenants do not get their complete security deposit back.

1 %

of tenants suspect that their current  landlord might blame them for damages not caused by them

1 %

of tenants do not have any proof of the state of their rental home, when they moved in.

How does the Rental InspeKtor App help?

Use the Rental InspeKtor app to capture issues with your rental home before you move in and add the well formatted report to your rental agreement or share it with the home owner. Never be blamed for pre-existing issues with your rental home. Get 100% of your rental security deposit back! Just follow these 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Add Pictures and Tags

Use the camera within the Rental InspeKtor app to quickly take multiple pictures and annotate them if needed – to draw attention to the issues. For every picture that you have take, quickly and easily add tags specifying the location and the issue that you see. Additional text can be added if you choose to.

Step 2: Generate Report

Your beautiful, well formatted report is ready, with the right GPS and date tags added. Evidence that cannot be disputed later.

Step 3: Share Report with home owner

Just add this report as an addendum to the rental agreement or share it with your home owner and you are all set. 

The App demo

Watch this video to learn how easy it is to use the Rental InspeKtor app


Super fast to use. Start taking pictures of defects and tag them in seconds.


Extremely easy to use. No learning curve whatsoever.


Once your data capture is done, sharing is the matter of clicking a button. Share as URL or PDF, your choice!

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